Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My name is Karen.

I'm from El Salvador and I was born in San Salvador, El Salvador.
I was an outgoing child.
About my memory when I was child I remember frequently I burned my leg because my mother sold every afternoon pasteles, empanadas y yuca and I ran with my brother and sometimes I fell on hot oil.
I study at pikes peak because I need to learn English for my goals in my life. I'm good at school when I listen to my teacher.
Still my biggest challenge for me is to have my GED.
I don't work because I'm a homemaker but to be a homemaker is hard because every day you need to cook, clean house, pick up toys and help your children all the time.
My personal goals for the future are to have one more child, boy or girl is fine, and speak good English and have one business, maybe a clothes store or a Salvadorean Restaurant.
in five years I hope to be married and in the next ten years I hope that my mother will live with me.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

MY life

MY name is Leticia I am from Guanaguato Mexico. I was born in Jerecuaro Guanaguato. When I was child I played with my brother. I liked to play with a ball and dolls. I ran a lot. I was a shy child. I liked to watch movies with my parents. I am studying at pikes peak because I need to learn English to help my child with her homework. but it is still challenging to speak English I do not work yet. my family is very good. I have two daughters my old daughter goes the school my other daughter stays at home with me.my personal goal In five years is to be learning and speaking English very well. I want to graduate with my GED in ten years I will be with all my family and I would like buy a new house.

My life

Hello: My name is Estela I am from San Luis Potosi Mexico. I was born in S.L.P When I was a child I liked to play with my dolls and jumping a lot. I remember an my childhood in my house we did not have potable water and electricity. My father worked at farm my sister , my brother and me helped him. My life was very difficult when I was a child. Now I have 10 years married I have one boy and one girl I love my family. I'm studying at Pikes Peak Elementary. I'm good in my class written but I can not speak English a lot. I am working now as housekeeper I have been 9 months in this job. My family are friendly very close we help each other. My personal goals are my child's Education, and learning speak English very well. In 5 years I hope to get my own house in United State. I will speak, write and read English. In 10 years I will hope see my family more often because I miss them and my country.

My Life

My name is Amparo. I am from Mexico. I was born in Huetamo, Mich. It is a small town.
I was a shy child, I liked to go to school, but when the teacher asked a question I answered very slowly and sometimes my classmates listened to my answer and they told it to the teacher for points.
I am studying at Pikes Peak because I need to learn English to help my children with their homework and so they are good students.
I am good at listening to my teacher.
Still my biggest challenge is to speak very good English.
I don't work outside of my home because I am married and I have two children. My older son is in first grade and my younger son is in Head Start.
I would like to get my GED and in five years I will speak English very well to get a good job and in ten years buy a beautiful houses here in the United States.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My Life

My name is Norma. I was born in Chihuahua Mexico. When I was a child, I liked to play soccer with my neighbors. I was very happy and enjoyed life and I was very friendly.
I came to U.S in 2005 and I had problems to adapt at first because of different cultures and beginning the language. My reason I started learning English was to communicate.
I came to the U.S looking for a good opportunity for me and my family. I decided to work as a Telecom broker. I have been working around 1 year. The job has changed my life and mentality.
I am married. I have 1 child (21months)and I am 5 months pregnant. My father,mother, and brother live here in colorado, I enjoy spending time with them.
I have goals for the future. I would like my husband to retire soon from work.
I would like to buy a huge house and travel around the world. My goal is to live in financial freedom.

Friday, April 9, 2010


My name is Adriana Ivonne Ruiz Ponce, I was born on August 9 1981 in Juarez, Mexico.
I was 3 rd. in my family, I have two older sisters Alejandra and Dena. I was a very outgoing little girl, when I was a child. I grew up surrounded by meadows and animal in a little town in Chihuahua, because my father was a farmer and cattleman. I had a childhood very fun because my sisters and I could play anywhere and we helped my father. I went to kindergarten when I was 3 years because my sister Dena was going. My sisters and I played in an cellar full of the corn and my parents scolded us. In one time my sister Dena and I put fire on the table. When I was eleven years I had my first boyfriend and my parents punished me. When I left elementary school, I went to study at Juarez, it was very hard because I didn't know anybody. I studied computation, shorthand, typewriting, bookkeeping ( accounting ) because I was in middle school and commerce school, I finished school with a diploma to be secretary. I was in high school in a bigger school Colegio de Bachilleres #5, my first day it was very hard because my friends were not with me. I was a cheerleader and practice for many time. I had a boyfriend ( Gerardo ), he was special person of mine, we are friends. I was in college, I studied Business Administration in Instituto Tecnologico de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey ( ITESM ) Campus Juarez, there I met my children's father. I stayed lonely with my son of eleven months and I was pregnant of four months, when my children's father went. My son Sebastian was born on March 18 2002 in El Paso, Tx., he had a problem when he born. He stayed in the Hospital one month. My daughter Ivonne was born on June 2 2003 in El Paso, Tx. After I studied hairdresser, but I not finished. In 2007 I met a new excellent men Alonso ( my husband ) and he accepted me with my children. On August 11 2009 my children and I arrived in Colorado Springs, it was very hard, sad and boring our first week in the US. On November 4, I started to studied English at Pikes Peak school, because I like and need to speak English to help my children and for me too.



My name is Isabel.

I was born in Michoacan, Mexico in the city of Apatzingan, on October 02 1974.

My childhood was in the City Uruapan, Michoacan. Uruapan cultivates 99% of the avocado imported to the United States. The people live off the agriculture and derivates.

My professional life was as a secretary in a processing plant of avocado and mango.

Now I am studying English in the Pikes Peak school and it is difficult to speak another language, for me it is easiest to write English.

My family is interesting, is fun and I like to share moments with them.

On the next years, I would like to buy a house, and speak, learn and write English.